The GEIE Board of Directors

The eight members of the GEIE Board of Directors are elected in a three-year rotating system by the members of the GEIE from within their number.

The Board of Directors is the operational body of the GEIE, running the company throughout the year on their behalf. Its responsibilities include the signing of international contracts, the control and supervision of Euronics International and the preparation of all decision papers for the GEIE.


The current Board:

  • President:
    Hans Carpels
    (Euronics Belgium cvba – Belgium)
  • Vice President:
    Paolo Galimberti
    (Euronics Italia S.p.A – Italy)
  • Managing Director:
    Marcel Vloemans
    (United Retail – The Netherlands)
  • Benedict Kober (Euronics Deutschland eG – Germany)
  • Stuart Cook (C.I.H. – United Kingdom)
  • Jose Maria Verdeguer (Sinersis – Spain & Portugal)
  • Fabrice Filleur (Euronics France – France)
  • Kirill Novikov (Euronics Russia – Russia)


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