January 03, 2020

The Dutch company Euronics have partnered with Bazaarvoice, the leading supplier of product ratings and user-generated content (UGC).

The Dutch company Euronics have partnered with Bazaarvoice, the leading provider of product ratings and user-generated content (UGC). As a result, Bazaarvoice solutions are available in 28 European countries where Euronics operates as a business. All participating countries will sign a three-year contract. Lithuania will be the first country to kick the partnership off, launching at the end of the month. As part of the large-scale implementation, Bazaarvoice will become one of the three pillars of Euronics’ retail strategy in the future.


Partnering with Bazaarvoice, the company now has access to numerous solutions, including:


Ratings & Reviews: At the heart of the Bazaarvoice platform is enabling merchants and brands to reach more people and better engage customers with their brand. Customers can post reviews and comments about products, and use this content to share their opinions and experiences about purchased products. This will encourage more consumers to buy and ultimately boost confidence in the brand. The ratings can also be displayed on different platforms.


Questions & Answers: Customers have the opportunity to ask questions on products on all integrated shopping platforms, which are then answered by experts, manufacturer’s employees or other buyers.


Euronics International is an international collective of national retailers active throughout the EMEA and CIS region, bringing innovative electrical products to the consumer via an omnichannel approach. The group, founded in 1990, is represented in 36 countries throughout EMEA and has a total turnover of 19.1 billion euros. Euronics is one of the largest consumer technical goods (TCG) retail groups in the world, operating in most of the key EMEA and CIS markets through an extensive network of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.


“The main advantage of our partnership is the intra-syndication of reviews – the exchange of native reviews across language barriers,” says Dragan Radojević Retail Innovation Director at Euronics. “We are seeking a replica of the TripAdvisor customer experience (which allows people to rate the same hotel in different languages). Regardless of which product category consumers shop in, they have access to the voice of consumers across the Euronics Group. In addition, UGC has a direct impact on future product orders, as category leads and buyers can use the insights and share them with suppliers. It’s a good recipe to develop a private label with a supplier.”


“We are delighted that Euronics’ customers will be able to enjoy an even better customer experience with our platform in the future,” says Tobias Stelzer, Head of Sales at DACH & BENELUX at Bazaarvoice. “There is unbelievable competition in the e-commerce market. If you want to survive here and meet the high customer requirements, you need sophisticated and intuitive solutions that take away most of the work from dealers. Euronics recognised that and chose Bazaarvoice.”


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Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than a billion consumers create, view, and share authentic user generated-content including reviews, questions and answers, and social photos across more than 6,200 global brand and retailer websites. From search and discovery to purchase and advocacy, Bazaarvoice’s solutions help brands and retailers reach in-market shoppers, personalise their experiences, and give them the confidence to buy.

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