Extraordinary inaugural season of UEFA Women’s Football Sponsorship

Extraordinary inaugural season of UEFA Women’s Football Sponsorship

October 07, 2022

With England raising the Euro trophy at a sold out Wembley, the first season of Euronics Group’s sponsorship of UEFA Women’s Football ended on a high.


As proud sponsor, we look back at an amazing year with many attractive matches, great rivalries, record breaking attendances, visitors, new fans and amazing exposure.


UEFA Women’s Champions League (UWCL)

The new format of the UWCL, equal to the men’s format, turned out to be very successful. The exciting knock out stage, all free to watch on Youtube and DAZN, with matches in sold out stadiums like Parc des Princes and Camp Nou.

In an also sold out Juventus Stadium in Turin, Olympique Lyon beat FC Barcelona and were crowned best of Europe once again. Euronics Italy used this momentum to raise attention for women’s football and took the opportunity to kick out prejudices about women playing football. By portraying 11 girls and women from all over Italy, sharing their stories what football means to them and sharing their dreams for a world where there are no more prejudices, they called for a world with equal opportunities for boys and girls on the pitch.



EURO 2022


After the giant success of the UWCL, EURO 2022 broke all records again. Over 365 million people watched the tournament globally, meaning more than double the numbers of EURO 2017. The final became the best watches women’s football match ever, with 87.196 visitors and over 50 million viewers.


Leading up to EURO 2022 in England, Euronics Group members activated in their respective markets under the umbrella of ‘Everyone’s Invited’.


In Germany, ambassador and German goalkeeper Almuth Schult, played a central role in commercials, a football podcast and consumer activations. In Belgium and Finland, customers from Krefel and Euronics Finland, had the opportunity to win a trip for their kids to one of the matches of the Belgian and Finnish team and become a player mascot. Euronics UK set up a very successful grassroots program, with local shop owners sponsoring local girls team in their community. Other markets activated the sponsorship through local partnerships with their national teams, give away promotions, e-sports events and sponsoring local events.