July 09, 2020

* Hatch enables connected customer journeys between brands and Euronics retailers, accelerating online and in-store sales

* Euronics retailers provide Buy Now button and stock availability and local store proximity through an innovative widget on the brand’s product page

Amsterdam, 06 October 2020 – Hatch, a leading global ‘Where to Buy’ solutions provider headquartered in Amsterdam, has signed a long-term partnership with the leading electrical goods and home appliances retailer Euronics. The partnership, which unites top players in the omni-channel retail space, started in June 2020.

Euronics will now recommend Hatch as their preferred ‘Where to Buy’ provider, and the Hatch Online and Local solutions will now be made available in 34 countries across EMEA, in which Euronics operates. In this strategic partnership, Hatch will work with Euronics International and its regional retail members to build a connected customer journey from Euronics’ key suppliers websites to the Euronics retail members’ online and in-store points of sales. Euronics currently has 26 national retail organizations and is represented in 34 countries. Around 5,500 entrepreneurs operate 8,800 stores.

Both Hatch and Euronics take a consumer-led, omni-channel approach to business, making this a champion partnership. It will enrich the customer buying journey and creates an omni-channel experience across hundreds of key supplier brands and Euronics retailers. Euronics Group facilitates the online customer journey by making the products of its key supplier brands visible across its extensive retail network.

Hans Carpels, President Euronics International: “We have gained a wealth of experience welcoming shoppers into our extensive network of physical and virtual outlets across key EMEA and Eurasian (CIS) markets over the last 30 years. With a customer-centric approach that allows consumers to purchase through their preferred sales channel, it is our ultimate goal to provide a connected digital experience for our customers. Collaborating with Hatch is a crucial step in making this possible.”

Joris Kroese, CEO and Founder Hatch: “By adding a ‘Buy now’ button to brand product pages, we offer consumers the option to purchase products from Euronics’ retail partners instantly, both online and in-store, and straight from their brand website. By offering stock availability and local store proximity through an innovative widget, we break down the silos between sales channels and enable a connected customer journey for our clients, while helping them to strengthen brand-retailer relationships. In 2020, we will send approximately sixty million leads from brands to retailers, such as Euronics. This represents a staggering 110 billion euros in sales for brands and retailers. A number which we expect will be even higher with an almost certain new record-breaking fourth quarter sales period.”

Over the last decade, Hatch has established itself as the leading ‘Where to Buy’ solution provider, globally connecting many of the world’s leading consumer electronics, computing, and many more brands with the most prominent retailers. Hatch’s Where to Buy Online and Local solutions blur the lines between e-commerce and physical stores, creating a true omni-channel experience for consumers. Hatch has been merging the online and offline retail world since 2010, providing innovative solutions to leading consumer electronics and computing brands including Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung and many more.


About Euronics
Euronics is an international collective of national retailers operating throughout the EMEA and CIS region, bringing innovative electrical products to the consumer via an omni-channel approach. The group, founded in 1990, is represented in 34 countries throughout EMEA and has a total turnover of 19.8 billion euros. Euronics is one of the largest consumer technical goods (TCG) retail groups in the world, operating through a vast network of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.


About Hatch
Hatch, headquartered in Amsterdam and founded by Joris Kroese in 2010, is a leading ‘Where to Buy’ solutions provider, operating globally. Hatch provides innovative ‘Where to Buy ’solutions for well-known consumer electronics and computing brands across the world. By connecting top brands with global retailers (online and in-store), Hatch creates a seamless omni-channel buying experience, allowing consumers to purchase products through every touchpoint. Hatch received a €3.5 million investment from Vortex Capital Partners in March, 2015. Nowadays, the company employs 50+ employees across five offices in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Kiev, Moscow, and Taipei.