July 05, 2013

Press Release:

Suppliers of the Year 2013,

New Board of Directors

AMSTERDAM, July 9, 2013

Euronics International, the leading European buying group specialising in consumer electronics and domestic appliances, representing 6,000 independent retailers with more than 11,000 outlets, held its Annual Event in Tallinn, Estonia on 3-5 July 2013.


Supplier of the Year
Each year Euronics International places strong emphasis on recognising supplier performance excellence through their prestigious Supplier of the Year award. This is awarded in 5 categories to suppliers who in Euronics’ view have demonstrated distinguished performance in delivering innovation, superior quality, and outstanding service to consumers.


Suppliers were nominated across all categories by Euronics Members after which a short list, and eventual winners, were chosen based on quantitative analysis and input from a team representing all areas of the global organisation.


Mr. Hans Carpels, President of Euronics International, and Mr. Dennis Tomassen, Senior Business Unit Manager of Euronics International, presented the awards to the following exceptional winners:


  • Consumer Electronics:
    Panasonic - represented by Mr. Hiroki Harris Soejima, Managing Director Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe

  • Information Technology:
    Intel - represented by Mr. Steve Shakespeare, EU Region Consumer Director Intel Europe

  • Digital Imaging:
    Sony - represented by Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, President Sony Europe Ltd.

  • Major Domestic Appliances:
    Miele -represented by Herr Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, Managing Director and Co-Proprietor

  • Small Domestic Appliances:
    Groupe SEB – represented by Mr. Olivier Quinat, International Key Accounts Director Europe


Euronics Board of Directors
Every three years, the Euronics G.E.I.E. Board of Directors is required by governance to be (re)elected. During the 2013 Annual General Meeting in Tallinn, the outgoing Board Members were unanimously re-appointed. One new appointment was made - Mr. Kirill Novikov representing Euronics Russia, joins the Board taking up the open seat.


Kirill Novikov began his career within the electronics industry, moving to Eldorado in 2001 where he developed and implemented the first franchising scheme within the Russian consumer electronics market and growing the business by more than 200 franchises in his first 12 months. In 2003 Mr. Novikov founded his own franchise group which now has 400 stores and is among the top 5 electronics retailers in the Russian market. His firm was awarded the prestigious Brand of the Year award by Effie in 2006. Mr. Novikov joined the Euronics organisation in 2007 as Founder and Chairman of Euronics Russia.


Euronics statutes also required three officers to be (re)elected. By unanimous vote of the General Assembly, Mr. Hans Carpels was re-elected as President, Mr. Paolo Galimberti as vice-president and Mr. Marcel Vloemans as Managing Director, thus resoundingly endorsing the strategy which the Group has pursued over the past three years.


The Euronics International Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Hans Carpels – President (Belgium) 
  • Mr. Paolo Galimberti – Vice President (Italy) 
  • Mr. Marcel Vloemans – Managing Director Euronics GEIE (Netherlands) 
  • Mr. Jose Maria Verdeguer (Spain) 
  • Mr. Stuart Cook (UK) 
  • Mr. Benedict Kober (Germany) 
  • Mr. Fabrice Filleur (France) 
  • Mr. Kirill Novikov (Russia)


Suppliers of the Year 2013 

for Consumer Electronics:

President of Samsung Electronics Europe, Mr. Sang Heung Shin

for Information Technology:

for Digital Imaging:

for Major Domestic Appliances:

for Small Domestic Appliances:
Groupe SEB

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