Aires, E-Square, Euronics International, Expert International and Unieuro announce the finalisation of the procedure for the formal incorporation of the EUROPEAN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS RETAIL COUNCIL

The European Consumer Electronics Retail Council (EuCER) has been established as an AISBL (International Association without Lucrative Purpose) under the Belgian Law.

The EuCER Council has as its primary targets the definition and promotion of a clear and nondiscriminatory, legal and regulatory framework for the retail sector of consumer electronics and domestic appliances and the cooperation with national or international associations, industries and non-governmental organizations.

The Council also aims to contribute to the development, approval and implementation of local, regional, national and international legislation, regulation, policy, rule or directive and will strive to represent its Members' interests vis-à-vis to European Legal & Regulatory Institutions.

The Board Members, representing the founding Organizations, are the following:

  • Mr. Hans Carpels – Euronics International
  • Mr. Dieter Mathys – Expert International
  • Mr. Davide Rossi – AIRES
  • Mr. Paul Tyson – E-Square
  • Mr. Andrea Scozzoli – Unieuro


The Assembly has also decided that membership is open to any legal entity operating in the market for the sale of electronic devices and electrical household appliances to consumers, in and outside the European Union.

As a requisite for admission, the candidate Members’ annual turnover must result - at least for 70% of the total - from the sale of electric and electronic goods.

Talks are in progress with retail groups from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and France in order to extend the representation of the EuCER Council.

The next General Assembly of the EuCER Council will take place in Milan on 15 November 2019.

For contacts and further information:

Meridian Communications
Via Cuneo, 3 – 20149 Milano
Tel. +39 02 48519553

Silvia Ceriotti
Viviana Bandieramonte