The Netherlands, January 2015

Euronics International is pleased to announce that it has joined the AllSeen Alliance, as publicised at the CES Show in Las Vegas in January 2015 (full press release link below). The objective of the Alliance is to offer companies an open source standard that can be used in products to address the Internet of Things in the most consumer friendly manner.

Some of the biggest players and key suppliers are part of this Alliance as is evident from the overview in this PDF.

Euronics has joined the AllSeen Alliance in order to demonstrate our commitment to taking a lead in the IOT / Smart Home landscape. We further believe that by being an integral part of this Alliance, we can become even closer to our key suppliers in this emerging category and will therefore be perfectly placed to offer our customers these pioneering solutions.

Euronics will present in-stores solutions in this emerging category to its Members in the upcoming General Meeting of Members in Q1 2015. Full press release: