EURONICS International - A New Chapter – New Brand Identity

Continued clear strategic focus with omni-channel a priority / Refreshed EURONICS brand identity revealed / The Best Home in the World in Hall 23A

IFA 2017 - Berlin

Amsterdam/Berlin, 1 September 2017

EURONICS International, the largest EMEA retail group with 29 Members across 36 countries, announced a continued stable development in sales in line with market developments in 2016.  The consolidated 2016 turnover of €18.8 bln shows a small decline against the previous year, primarily as a result of currency developments.  While the majority of markets within the Group exhibited growth in local currency, on consolidation into Euro a decline is apparent in key markets where currency translation has had a dramatic impact, such as UK, Kazakhstan, and Russia.  “We are in fact satisfied with the results achieved in 2016, where in many markets sales have increased compared to the year before” confirms Mr Hans Carpels, President of EURONICS International.  “This is a confirmation that our strategy and business model are able to respond to market developments and changes.”  GfK Temax reports that the 22 largest EMEA markets shrank slightly by 1.1% in 2016, this being directly linked to both the decline in IT sales and the effect that Brexit has had in the dramatic decline of British sterling vs Euro.

EURONICS’ ambition to become a true EMEA retail group was realised in June with the opening of the first store in North Africa, in Egypt, by Sharaf DG, with further stores planned in the territory in the coming months. 

Continued Clear Strategy: EURONICS’5 Es

EURONICS’ strategy remains clear – in order to maintain excellence in TCG retailing, focus will remain on five key areas which will continue to be the guiding principles for the Group’s activities in the period ahead:

  • Embrace Consumer’s shopping habit shift: Omni-channel
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Extend partnerships with key suppliers
  • Explore new business
  • Excel in operations

John Olsen, Managing Director of EURONICS International, reaffirms in particular EURONICS’ focus on strong omni-channel retailing, “Consumers are increasingly shopping anytime, anywhere – not bound to any one point of sale.”  While the prediction is for offline sales in EMEA to remain dominant with online sales having recently slowed, Mr Olsen makes it clear that now is the time to make the substantial investments required to optimise the omni-channel experience for the future, “EURONICS needs to seamlessly offer a range of contact points to provide the opportunities to access our distinctive service and range of products from wherever the customer may be.”  EURONICS is deeply committed to making omni-channel more appealing to, and a more effective solution for consumers.  This has driven the decision to invest in various initiatives, beginning with a refreshed brand identity. 

EURONICS: A New Chapter – New Brand Identity

Mr Carpels proudly announces the beginning of a new chapter - the EURONICS group will launch a new brand identity in 2018.  The constantly changing geo-political landscape of EURONICS’ markets and the rapid evolution of other technology brands have clearly demonstrated that business as usual is not an option for the retail group.  To claim leadership in the omni-channel environment, EURONICS has evolved the point of sale into a point of emotion, adding a distinctive human touch in a digital world.  “We will bring a new brand identity to the market which is absolutely in sync with the digital world”, explains Mr Carpels.  “Young and above all ‘human’, the new identity reflects the dedication to service and support to our customers which is inherently characteristic of our staff and our stores.  With the new brand identity, we will not talk tech, we will talk human.”

Smart Home a key component of ‘The Best Home in the World’ in Hall 23A

EURONICS presents its comprehensive life sized show home highlighting fully integrated smart home solutions, key trends in in-house connectivity, plus cutting edge technology all perfectly integrated within the fully landscaped interior.  More than 30 partners will exhibit key devices demonstrating a technologically advanced home already available to consumers today.  It is a clear demonstration of how EURONICS helps consumers find their way to more free time, knowledge, and enjoyment – by creating their own ‘best home in the world’.