Euronics International, one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics groups, became a sponsor of esports company ESL earlier this year and will be present at the upcoming ESL ONE global live gaming event in October. John Olsen, Managing Director, Euronics International, explains the strategy.

John Olsen, Managing Director, Euronics International

The ESL ONE event takes place in Hamburg, Germany, but it is a major international event. We have been thinking for some time that we need to increase our brand awareness by targeting specific consumers – in this case a young audience. We believe ESL ONE is one of the most interesting and growing platforms with which to achieve those objectives.

What will this bring to your network in terms of brand awareness?

We are aiming to increase awareness of our brand, following the launch of the new brand identity which is being implemented in 20 of our markets – and specifically in Germany this year, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the national group.

Furthermore we want to promote our umbrella ‘Member of Euronics’ brand for the markets that have a strong local brand, which is an asset that we do not want to lose. On top of that, gaming products are in our range and therefore we want to be acknowledged as the of cial retailer of ESL ONE.

Will the promotion go beyond Germany?

The ESL ONE event will be streamed worldwide, in English and 10 other languages – so all our markets can benefit. As well as ESL ONE, we are sponsoring national ESL leagues in Germany – where an Euronics team is playing – as well as France, Italy, and Spain, giving us an additional level of engagement in key markets. Those are national executions, but negotiated internationally at group level.


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