December 11, 2020

AMSTERDAM, 11 December 2020: EURONICS, EMEA’s leading retail group in electrical goods (IT, telecom, consumer electronics, and home appliances), yesterday signed a strategic partnership agreement with Elon, the leading Swedish retail organisation in household appliances which has a strong foothold across the Nordics and is active in both domestic appliances and consumer electronics.


Elon controls omichannel operations across Sweden and Norway under the Elon Brand, and with network partners in Denmark, Iceland, and Finland.  As a result, the retailer holds a leading position in the Nordic region, underpinned by its state of the art centralised logistics able to efficiently support the organisation’s independent stores.


The strong Nordic footprint of Elon, in combination with its enduring tradition in retail and customer support excellence fit perfectly with the DNA of EURONICS.\


“We are pleased to have Elon onboard” states John Olsen, Managing Director of EURONICS International.  “The Nordics have seen a long process of consolidation, and with the joining of Elon we see the possibility of more synergies among our retailers in the region which will strengthen our presence and result in better and wider solutions for our customers.”


Stefan Lebrot, CEO of Elon adds, “for Elon Group, which operates in the Nordic market, this partnership means that we are now part of an international context, something that has great value for us”.


Hans Carpels, President of EURONICS GEIE confirms the importance of Elon joining the Group, and thereby contributing to the journey which has led EURONICS to reach the number 1 position in Europe. ‘It is a perfect way to end a challenging but positive (from a business perspective) year, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Euronics Group’.




Euronics is the leading consumer electronics retail group in the EMEA and CIS regions, representing independent retailers in 35 countries with more than 8,500 outlets, bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via a universal omni-channel approach.  Euronics has reported consistent year-on-year growth in turnover and revenue since it was founded in 1990, irrespective of periods of economic instability, demonstrating that the Group’s focus on service and innovative solutions is unparalleled in its market.