Euronics’ position in the market and close partnership with the most pioneering brands allows us exclusive access to the latest developments in innovative technology. Our expertise further enables us to identify the ground breaking electronics within both traditional and new products.

We combine this with new and Innovative concepts of how to display and demonstrate these products to our consumers so that they can experience them and receive the trusted advice they expect from our sales staff.

Below are some examples of new concepts we are rolling out across the group.

Euronics Balance

Balance is a strategic project within Euronics that focuses on health and wellbeing, offering a curated selection of products in the areas of Sleep, Mind, Nutrition, and Activity. This project is aimed at promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle by providing customers with high-quality electrical products that cater to their wellness needs. From sleep-enhancing devices and light therapy lamps to kitchen appliances that support healthy eating habits, Balance offers a wide range of items to suit every customer. With expert staff on hand to offer personalized recommendations and advice, Balance is the ideal concept for anyone looking to achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

The Concept consists of dedicated instore experience in combination with a Balance online shop in shop. We are currently rolling out the concept for testing in multiple markets such as Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain and Italy. As we evaluate together with our suppliers we will roll out the concept to further stores within our group.

Choose Balance within Euronics to access the best selection of electrical products for your wellness needs.

Gaming Zone

The Gaming Zone is an innovative concept by Euronics Group that offers a dedicated retail space where consumers can explore the latest gaming computer products, gaming consoles, and related accessories.

This exciting initiative allows customers to get hands-on experience with the latest gaming technology, try out different products, and receive expert advice from the knowledgeable staff. Whether you're an avid gamer or a beginner, the Gaming Zone provides a one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs. With a range of high-quality products from leading brands, the Gaming Zone is the perfect destination for anyone looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. So, come and visit the Gaming Zone at your nearest Euronics Group store and discover the ultimate gaming experience today!

The Gaming zone concept is being rolled out across the group with 15 locations live and many more to come

*Image from Euronics Hungary store in Budapest.


The Euronics Group is proud to introduce our Built-in Instore concept, which showcases the latest and greatest built-in kitchen appliances right in our stores.

With our in-store displays, customers can get a real sense of how these appliances look and feel in a kitchen setting. But we don't stop at just displaying the appliances - we also provide hands-on experiences for our customers. Our Built-in Instore concept allows customers to try out the appliances themselves, getting a feel for the features and functionality. We even offer cooking demonstrations, allowing customers to see the appliances in action and experience the results firsthand.

At Euronics, we believe that our customers deserve the best possible shopping experience, and our Built-in Instore concept is just one of the ways we're committed to delivering on that promise.

*Image from Euronics Slovakia

Euronics e-mobility category

Euronics International is dedicated to offering our customers an eco-friendly and sustainable travel experience. We understand the importance of embracing electric mobility and have curated a diverse range of innovative products focused on electric transportation. Whether you're seeking a convenient personal electric vehicle or looking to integrate electric mobility options into your business, our e-mobility category has the solutions to meet your needs. By investing in this category, we are committed to supporting the transition towards more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. We firmly believe that the adoption of e-mobility is crucial in preserving our planet and creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us in this green travel revolution and explore our new e-mobility category today. Together, we can shape a future of clean and responsible mobility.


Sustainability is critical for the future of our planet, our customers, and our own business. As a leading consumer electronics retail group in EMEA, our network has a responsibility to shape a future-proof planet. This is why Euronics has developed a sustainability strategy as a key part of our business & operations.

Euronics' sustainability focuses on four priority areas:

- Decarbonization: Climate change poses a threat to our society, economy, and environment. We are committed to mitigating our climate impact by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our members in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and moving towards net zero by 2050.

- Circular economy: The global economy consumes more material than our planet can safely replenish. The production of these materials is also a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to moving towards a circular economy and efficiently (re)use materials and extend the lifetime of our product portfolio.

- Sustainable product portfolio: As a retailer, we can make a positive impact by optimizing our product portfolio. This includes selling more sustainable products that promote a healthy lifestyle, selling products that have a smaller environmental impact, and promoting sustainable consumption.

- Compliance: We follow the laws, policies, and standards that apply to our network.

A message from our Managing Director, John Olsen: "I'm proud that we work closely with our members to meet the sustainability targets we have set and the progress we have made so far. We still face multiple challenges to create a sustainable world, but I'm personally committed to driving our sustainable journey forward”