Euronics Group is proud Official Sponsor of UEFAWomen’s Football, including UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Women’s EURO2022 and 2025 and the Together #WePlayStrong campaign.

The basis of this partnership is the shared belief in the enormous potential of women’s football. Through this 4-year commitment, Euronics Group aims to support the growth of the game by backing UEFA’s plan to cement football as the leading female team sport in Europe. We are committed to the future of women’s football, and we are excited in helping to accelerate the women’s game through this partnership.

As Europe's leading electronics retail group, this partnerships gives us the opportunity to activate in our local communities in 24 markets, together with our suppliers and partners. Looking at the demographics of women's football fans, this partnership creates an unique opportunity to reach more women, while not excluding men.

The partnership is an exciting opportunity for Euronics Group members to continue to harness the Euronics ethos of creating a ‘human touch in a digital world’. It additionally provides the possibility for Group members to invite football fans to take part in activation opportunities both online and in-store.


The campaign theme ‘Everyone's Invited’ reflects the position of Euronics Group as electronics retail group, where everyone is invited to work with us and where everyone is invited in our stores. And, even more important, we proudly invite everyone to join us on the exciting journey of enjoying, experiencing and participating in women's football.

‘Everyone's Invited’ will be caried out as an umbrella theme all over Europe and CIS region, while members will create their local activations that suits their market. Local partnerships with players, clubs and national teams are part of this activation.

Activation of the partnership will be executed market by market. One of the exclusive rights Euronics Group has in this partnerships are the players mascots during all UEFA Women's Champions League matches (starting in the knock out phase) and all UEFA Women's EURO 2022 and ‘25 matches. This right gives us the opportunity to create ‘once in a lifetime'-experiences and we are looking forward to invite young kids to these great events.


Player mascots

Our partnership with UEFA Women's Football allows us to go beyond the ordinary and provide a unique and unforgettable experience for kids. As a player mascot they can walk onto the pitch with their favourite players. This extraordinary opportunity creates memories that will last a lifetime. As the exclusive provider, we strive to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for these kids.