The Group

Euronics is an international group of national retailers operating across the EMEA and CIS regions bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via an omni-channel approach.

Our Group was founded in 1990 by 5 entrepreneurs who recognized that delivering the right products and services within the consumer electronics market would change dramatically and foresaw the need to create synergies in order to provide outstanding support with the most pioneering products to consumers.

Today Euronics is the largest retail group in the world, operating in the majority of EMEA and CIS key markets via an extensive network of physical and virtual outlets under both the Euronics global brand and a variety of strong national historical brands. Since its incorporation, Euronics has enjoyed continuous growth year-on-year, even during periods of international economic stagnation.

Mr Marcel Vloemans, one of the founding fathers of the Euronics organisation articulates our dynamic perfectly: “In any given moment we have two options, to step back into safety, or to step forward into growth”.


Euronics is created under a GEIE structure – European group of economic interests (“Groupement européen d'intérêt économique“). This ensures the independence of its national retail organisations, with decentralized liability while enabling them to cooperate across boarders and leverage consolidated resources.

Daily governance is performed by a Board of Managing Directors including the representatives of the 4 largest retailers in the group, and 4 elected retailers, all mandated for 3 years.

A central office mandated by the Board serves to coordinate and execute international operations in consultation with a number of key committees, in which our national retail organisations have direct influence on and involvement with the strategy of the Group.

Key Figures

Number National Retail Organisations: 27
Number countries in which we are represented: 35
Number of stores: more than 8,500

Business Strategy

Euronics delivers a tailored domestic market approach supported by international expertise and cooperation with the leading global electronic brands. By leveraging the expertise we hold in-house across our extensive territory, Euronics is able to comprehensively fulfill consumer needs and therefore lead the continuous evolution of the electronic retail marketplace.

Our aim is to bring the newest technology to consumers through both our state of the art retail locations as well as via our connected web portals in order to provide full accessibility and 360° solutions and services.

Innovative technology and service is in our DNA.


Consumer habits have shifted with the advent of complete internet coverage, where real time information is available everywhere simultaneously.

At Euronics we believe in offering our consumers the choice whether to acquire their products and services online, or whether they prefer to experience them directly in our stores. Above all, we believe in focusing on the needs of the consumer and supporting these with the best service possible, whether this is online or in store.


Euronics takes its responsibility and respect for the environment very seriously.

In addition to running our operations as sustainably as possible, we help our customers to be friendly to the environment too. We take back their old equipment and appliances and ensure they are disposed of with as much recycling and as little impact on the environment as possible.

We advise our customers on energy-saving techniques and offer the latest, ‘greenest’ technologies to reduce electricity and water consumption. We also work with our suppliers to minimise packaging.

Product Portfolio

Best selection

The Euronics International team collaborates closely with the best brands in order to provide dedicated offers of selected products.

Consumers will find these specific offers detailed in the marketing materials and advertisements of all our national retailers, each clearly identified as the ‘Best Selection by Euronics’. This allows the consumer clear and easy access to a choice of innovative solutions developed through the combined expertise of our retailers together with the leading electronics manufacturers.