February 29, 2024

AMSTERDAM, 28 February 2024: EURONICS GEIE, EMEA’s leading retail group in Technical Consumer Goods (IT, telecom, consumer electronics, and home appliances), yesterday signed a strategic partnership agreement with Interdiscount, a recognized leader in the technical consumer goods sector in Switzerland. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of Euronics' presence in the Swiss market.


Since its establishment in 1970, Interdiscount has solidified its leadership position by offering a diversified portfolio of high-quality technical consumer goods. With an extensive network of 170 stores across Switzerland, Interdiscount provides a wide range of value-added products and exceptional customer service, underpinned by its state of the art centralised logistics able to efficiently support the organisation’s Omnichannel operations.


“We are pleased to have Interdiscount onboard” states John Olsen, CEO of
EURONICS International. “The integration of Interdiscount Switzerland into Euronics GEIE signifies the union of two leaders. This strategic partnership heralds a new era of growth and prosperity for both entities in the Swiss market”.


Pierre Wenger, CEO of Interdiscount adds, “for Interdiscount, this partnership means that we are now part of EMEA’s no. 1 retail group, something that will prove great value for our consumers and for us”.


Hans Carpels, President of EURONICS GEIE confirms the importance of Interdiscount joining the Group, and thereby contributing to the journey which has led EURONICS to reach the number 1 position in Europe. “It is a perfect way to start a challenging (from a business perspective) year, and to further underpin our commitment to achieve € 27 Billion turnover in 2025. We expect a smooth integration and are convinced that Interdiscount brings a lot of know how to Euronics as well.”


Euronics is ready to explore new territories and redefine the retail landscape in the technical consumer goods industry in Switzerland and beyond.



Euronics is the nr. 1 consumer electronics retail group in the EMEA and CIS regions, representing independent retailers in 35 countries with more than 7,000 outlets, bringing innovative electrical products to consumers via a universal omni-channel approach. Euronics has reported consistent year-on-year growth in turnover and revenue since it was founded in 1990, irrespective of periods of economic instability, demonstrating that the Group’s focus on service and innovative solutions is unparalleled in its market.