At Euronics, we strive to inspire consumers to embrace innovative technology in their homes - to enrich their daily life, give peace of mind, make things easier.

Imagine that as you wake up your lights turn on, your Smart TV turns on the news, and your coffee machine pre-heats automatically. When you leave for work your home switches to stand-by mode, arming the alarm and security cameras, and turning the thermostat lower. On your return, your smart home utilises geofencing to sense your approach and has already changed the temperature to a comfortable level and pre-heated your oven. You are greeted on entry with relaxing music from your sound system and appropriate lighting courtesy of smart lightbulbs.

These innovations are referred to as Smart Home products, which are controlled via smartphone and tablet apps. Euronics is focused on showcasing our passion for innovation together with our position as market leaders in providing smart home solutions in store, enabling everyone to experience and enjoy the cutting edge technology, without the complexity.